Several Entrepreneurs ,social entrepreneurs,business experts and lots more are moving Nigerian business sectors forward with their websites.If you are an entrepreneur or aspiring do be one.You have to stay up to date with the contents on these websites to be on the right track

1. is one of the most visited and certified business news website in Nigeria. BusinessNews (the “Site”) is a web site owned by Aniekov Nigeria Limited., a Nigerian Corporation. 


2. - Businessdayonline is West Africa’s leading provider of business intelligence and information. Contents are written by some of West Africa’s best journalists. It is the favorite newspaper among West Africa investor community.


3. Entrepreneurs for Development- Entrepreneurs for Development is a social platform that inspires and encourages youths towards entrepreneurship and personal development for social change and development .The team is involved with community journalism, funding information and varieties of  relevant articles.


4, SmartBcamp- This websites provides a wide range of articles from, career.,  personal development ,entrepreneurship, internet marketing, health and fitness, legal matters  which are produced by  community of experts.


5. The techpointers team are passionate bloggers of technology and entrepreneurship especially in the Nigerian sphere. The blog brings out both the fun and educative side of is a new generation, people-centric technology blog that aims to bring technology closer to the average Nigerian. "t is a point, where we want everyone to meet and be bound by a common language—Techies and lay men alike"



6. AYE( African Youth Entrepreneurs)- (AYE) Africa Youth Entrepreneurs is the largest networking platform for African Entrepreneurs with over 12 million members. AYE is aimed  at the development of Africa’s budding entrepreneurs through mutual networking, and with established captains of industry. They make the use of  conferences, workshops and motivational talks to share practical information on how to continuously improve implementation, development and management of business initiatives. A.Y.E brings learning, resources and business acumen to developing young entrepreneurs.


7.Smebizinfo- SMEBIZINFO provides  viable business opportunities  and other relevant information which are targeted at the Nigerian SME community .Smebizinfo Works to become the major information gateway that links its readers with business opportunities in more practical ways than just dissemination of information... aims at bringing out the business side of people .The websites educate entrepreneurs on diverse topics to help expand businesses.


9 is owned by an Entrepreneur ,IT expert and  a syndicated blogger named Utibe Etim. The website majorly centers on posts relating to funding opportunities for Nigerians.Often times business tips are published.Utibe Etim so far keeps his subcribers up to date with relevant business fellowships  and funding information. This is a website that provides startups with business support content, tools and opportunities required to launch, manage and scale up their business.Starta is made up of a team of entrepreneurs, private investors, growth hackers, data scientists, designers, coders and designers with passion for Africa. Starta curates business learning for African entrepreneurs. starta organizes high growth business opportunities for those that are interested in Africa.


Yakub Abdulrahman

E4D Founder